Gloria Harris

“I think the curfew is good, and it will help if they enforce it, but I also think, why should there be a law for zero to 12-year-olds because parents should be with their kids anyway. ”

Lisa Robinson

“I think it’s a very good thing to start for the youth because the youth today need some structure. If that’s where they have to start at, then, that’s a way we can help them. I think it’s a good idea. I think it will make a difference if we can get the parents to get the kids in the house. I’d work with that if I had children that age.”

St. Louis Yelder, Sr.

“I think the curfew is nice. We need to get these children off the streets. We need to take over parenthood again. We need to be parents again. We done lost that thing, but let me tell you, we got to find it again because if we don’t we gonna perish.”

Rebecca Banks

“It’s not good at all. They should be at home (earlier). It’s dangerous out here. I think they should come in a little earlier than that. They should come in around seven. I had my kids in by seven.”

Brittney Wilkins

“I think it should probably be a little earlier, but you know, its better that they are trying something with the kids in our community. You just have to be good parents. They can control the curfew whatever, but if you are not doing what you should as a parent, then they (the children) will over ride that.”

Tughril Muhammad

“I think it’s a grand idea. Children that violate curfew should be picked up by the police. I also think they should give the parents tickets and not return the children until the parents come down, and they do an inspection of the home first.  If the home doesn’t meet up to standards, they should keep the child and put the parent in some kind of re-education center.”