Candace Lucas

“The assumption that everybody is computer literate and can go to the internet to pay bills is preposterous. There are a lot of seniors who don’t have any Internet or computer capabilities. They need [the post office].”

Aronzo Davis

“Because for one, it will be a real inconvenience for us, not only the seniors, but for the whole community. Whether they know it or not, we still do a lot of business at the post office, and it will really, really hurt us to have to go downtown to mail a letter or pick up a package.”

Juanita Rutues

“Because the post offices out here are a part of our heritage. They are named after our leaders. It will benefit our upcoming children, our students, to know that we have history, and the history is that we worked hard to accomplish what we have accomplished, and the post office is one of the main things we need to continue to service our communities. Everyone doesn’t have a computer; everyone doesn’t have a background in technology. Why are they closing down two post offices in Austin and not closing them down in the white folks’ area?”

Geraldine Carson

“Well, for one thing, I love the post office because right over there I can mail my letters and buy my stamps and buy the necessary things I need. I do oppose them closing it down because on Saturdays a lot of people have to get their checks and different stuff like that which cannot wait because the bill collectors do not wait on you. And then there’s another thing: Everybody does not have a computer where they can pay online. They need the post office so they can pay their bills without having to pay the online fees.”

Elce Redmond

“Historically, the post office has been a bastion of African-American jobs and what’s happening now is that the anti-worker attack that’s going on by the right wing is trying to destroy those jobs. So we are opposed to the closing of any post office, not only on the West Side but anywhere, because it means good jobs going nowhere.”

Mack Julion

“Closing a post office is not just bad for the community, but for the post office itself. The post office exists to provide daily service, universal service to every American in this country. You start closing off post offices, you will begin to see the beginning of the end of the postal service as we know it.”