Rudolph Haley

“Summer was very hot. I had a good time a few days, but most of the time I was staying in the house out of the heat. Labor Day? We’re still planning. We’ll probably decide what we’re going to do tomorrow, but right now, we’re still planning.”

Jasmine McDuffie

“I enjoyed it pretty well, spending time with my family and my son. On the holiday, it’s my son’s fourth birthday, so I’ll be spending it with him. We’ll have a party, something small at the house for him.”

William Jackson

“Well, I worked at the water park most of the summer, and I will be working on the holiday. I enjoyed myself this summer. I try and enjoy the summer because the winter lasts so long. I really did have a nice summer. I helped a lot of kids, so they enjoyed themselves, so I’m happy because of that.”

Michael Burgos

“Summer was OK. I pretty much just worked all through the summer. I get my son every other weekend, and we’d go to the park, Chuck E.  Cheese, that type of thing. For the holiday, I have no idea. It all depends on how work goes. I just started a website with a buddy of mine, We offer deals around town, all over Chicago. How we’re different from other places is we offer multiple deals in one place.”

Alexander Robinson

“It was all right. A little bit too quick. It came and gone real quick. The last holiday? I’m just going to enjoy it with my family right now. I’m going to try and relax a little bit with them and plan my next summer a lot better.”

Dominique Dockery

“I’ll probably be at school, cutting hair. I’m in barber school. That’s what I did this summer. I worked and was in barber school. I got about three months before I finish. The school is not open on Monday, but I’ll probably still be cutting hair at the house. I’ll be hooking up the kids for going back to school. So come and get that cut.”