A great principal for a great school

I never knew her but I think I might have recognized her once when I visited St. Angela a few years back [Mary Kay O’Rourke, 44, the Bono of Catholic education, Aug. 25]. She was the only one who wasn’t a nun to succeed as principal there. I’m glad for all the transformation she made to the school. I love the school. I am an alumnus of ’88 and went on to St. Patrick High School afterwards. May she rest in peace, and surely will be missed by all that knew her.

R. Aquino

Excessive flooding could be avoided

This flooding doesn’t make any sense [Ald. Mitts host town hall on recent flooding, Aug. 4]. I bet that none of the “important officials” homes were flooded like this; with this nasty sewer water. My son has asthma and has not been right since. Mold constantly growing on my walls. I cannot afford to fix this. “They” are deliberately trying to harm us.

Santosha Johnson

Bethel New Life flourishes

What a fine article [A new direction for Bethel New Life, Aug. 4]! I can attest to the great work that Bethel New Life does. As a pastor from Wisconsin who brings youth groups to Chicago every year for mission, I have seen Bethel New Life flourish and adapt over the years. Lori Vallelunga is a fine leader, the right person for the right job; I enjoyed meeting her recently. It was a particular joy, as a mission team, to work with residents this summer at Beth Anne Place, and participate in the Back to School Community Health Fair with face-painting and games for the children. The fair took place on Aug 10, and was sponsored by Circle Family HealthCare Network and Bethel New Life. 

John Hobbins
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Remembering Rev. Milton Brunson

The Rev. Milton Brunson served as founder and pastor of Christ Tabernacle M.B.C. of Austin until his untimely death on April 4, 1997. His stature was strong and mighty, which was generated beyond his physical appearance and strength. He was a strong thinker, a witty arranger of songs, and an innovative business man and producer. He demonstrated that ability by gathering people together of diverse backgrounds to a common purpose. As a pioneering promoter of the modern genre of black gospel music, Rev. Brunson had few peers and was loved by all. Under the leadership of Rev. Brunson, the 50-year-old Thompson Community Singers recorded many albums, and was awarded a Grammy in 1995. He helped paved the way for gospel choirs to gain worldwide acceptance and recognition. The “Tommies” traveled the world and remain one of the oldest black gospel choirs in the world.

Rev. Brunson loved the youth. His ability to draw young people to him, and his desire to make a difference in their lives, contributed to the success of many of today’s leaders, such as Tyrone Block, Darrius Brooks, Percy Bady, and many others. Rev. Brunson’s legacy includes his induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and a post office and school in Austin remained in his honor.

Christ Tabernacle M.B.C. of Austin was and always will be Rev. Brunson’s lasting legacy. He loved his church and his members. As our church continues to move forward into a new era of serving God by providing a positive impact on in Austin, we will remain committed to keeping his legacy alive in the work we do.      

Rickie P. Brown