Rashessdah Warren

“Number two because people are getting killed every day. They are always fighting, and same old, same old. The police need to start locking people up.”

Samuel Armour

“About a seven because I carry a weapon. I’m a private investigator, so I carry a weapon, and I’m really not scared in the community. I grew up in a rough neighborhood; I’m used to roughness, so that’s it, and I know how to handle it.”

Devona Barry

“I feel about a seven because I know everyone. I grew up with them, so sometimes I feel safe, and sometimes I don’t because new people come around the area, and I feel unsafe because I’m not aware of their whereabouts.”

Lunyat Pierce

“Well, it’s probably about a five because it’s a lot of young violence as far as a lot of female friends of mine that I grew up with in my neighborhood who are getting killed on my block or less than one mile away. I see a lot of young boys who are influenced by the older guys to sell drugs. They are not going to school. The parents need to do more so their kids have options and resources. They need a better education.”
Earnest Roberts

“I say about a seven. I’ve lived in the Austin area for about 40 years. I say a seven because a lot of people don’t have jobs and they don’t have any resources. If we have resources, we can break the recidivism and stop crime. I have resources. I own Robert’s Landscaping & Snow removal, and I hire from within the community. I employ young people and teach them skills.”

Pamela Irving

“I say a seven. I feel safe in the community because most of the people in the community are family and friends that I grew up with who actually look out for one another. Most of the people who cause harm in the community come into the community. They don’t live here. I’ve lived here for 14 years, and we look out for one another; we watch out as we come and go. It’s like a block club. That’s what it’s for.”

Steve Williams

“I feel safe because I’m a male. If I was a female, I probably would not feel same. I don’t have any trouble on my block because I’m never there.”