Lakesha Boyd

“I don’t have [any money]. I’m broke. I don’t have no money, no car and no job. I’ve got a good man. That’s how I’m making it.”

Vickie Coley

“Well, I had to get two jobs. I’m spending less. It’s hard, so what I do is I’ll give a little here, a little there, and the majority goes to my rent, but the gas and light, it’s kind of killing me, so I give a little. I’m on the bus. I’m playing with it, but I’ll make it.”

Joy Henigan

“Well, let’s see. Everything is so high now. It’s getting pretty hard to live nowadays. One job seems not to be cutting it. I’m actually about to start a second job. So the economy has affected my spending drastically in a bad way. It’s hard out here for us. And education is important also. I will be starting school in October.”

Gwendolyn Stevenson

“My everyday living has changed. It’s very hard right now. I’ve had to cut back on some things: food, clothes, shopping. I don’t go out as much as I used to. Things are very hard for me now. I’m shopping for my children; I can’t buy them things like I used to.”

Towanda Goodwin

“The economy has affected my spending habits by a reduction in groceries. I’ve had to request more extensions on my utilities bills. Not being able to go on vacation like I want to. Not being able to buy clothes like I want. Not being able to do things with my children. I’ve been laid off now from two jobs. I’ve lost three vehicles. I’m in the process of just learning how to start over and live on less.”

Paul Shaffer

“Well for me, it hasn’t really affected my spending habits because I’m blessed and I’m fortunate. I know it’s a recession out here, and we’re trying to get through it. I know what everybody’s going through because I see what’s going on out here. I hope the economy gets right and back on track, but basically like I said, it’s a recession out here and everything is messed up. “