Davicia Conley

“What makes me happy and gives me complete joy is just waking up and seeing what God has blessed me with, and my two beautiful sons. That’s it.”

Blanca Ruiz

“The school (Austin High) and how they actually helped my son to get better grades. The attention the teachers give my children in the classroom makes me happy.”

Meshia Nelson

“Life itself. Good Health. The blessings of God. Waking up every morning with my good health is all I can ask for. My children, without a doubt, are a part of my blessings from God.”

Diamond Dade

“Going to school and getting good grades. Right now I have four B’s and two A’s. Helping people makes me happy. I like helping people.”

Florettta Powell

“What brings me complete joy is to see all these young people graduate and go on to be successful. I have one grandchild and she always makes me happy. I just like working with children in general. Working with children always makes me happy.”

Rashad Kemp

“Having days off from school, and going to school and making it home safely.