Cynthia George

“I’m ready for everybody to come home. I’m glad the [Iraq] war is over with. Everybody needs to come home and be with their family for the holidays, so that’s great.”

Earlene George

“I think that’s really good. It’s good, they should be home. They shouldn’t have ever been over there in the first place. I don’t have and family or friends in the military, but I’m just glad to see the boys and the girls coming home. I think that’s great.”

Genova Brownlee

“I think that’s a very wonderful thing that President Barack Obama did, and I’m hoping that it will help ensure him to get back in office again. And that’s where the troops need to be-at home with their families. I believe we didn’t have no business over there anyway.”

Jody McGuire

“It would be a wonderful thing. In 2002 when Bush was running against Al Gore, I was over in Paris and Bush’s personal finances were in the newspaper and he was getting $17,000 from one [oil money going into his secret account in Paris] $14,000 from one, and $12, 000 from another, and all that was going into his personal account. Why don’t they get that money and give it to the troops?”

Albert Bowman

“I think that’s good. I hope they get home. I was in Vietnam for years. Came back here, and you enjoy your life. They get a chance to enjoy their family and their family gets a chance to enjoy them. Regardless, when you see them hit this soil, that’s a very good feeling.”

Asia Mansfield

“I think this is a great thing because the families will finally get to reunite with their people wherever place they are, and I think it’s a great thing. I love my president. Truthfully, I think he’s done a great job though people are bashing him; he’s still done a lot than other people have messed up before him, so I think that’s a pretty good thing.”