Renee Tolliver

“What brought me out here tonight is my girl friend Cynthia’s son is fighting, and he has already won a championship. I’ve come to see that he wins another one. And I want to see others win as well. Everyone won’t win tonight, but what I want the young people to take away from this fight tonight is that they tried.”

Bryant Jessup

“I always have an interest in what the kids are doing, and so when I heard about this [tournament] going on, I wanted to come out and support the kids. I teach martial arts myself, and it’s good to do something to get the kids off the streets. And, hopefully, we’ll get some champions from this.”

Lamont Williams

“The energy is what brought me out tonight, but what I’m hoping the youth will accomplish tonight is self-empowerment, win or lose. Self-empowerment is important because our people put this together for everybody. Just to see everybody come out and participate and get the real message behind this event is great. That’s why I say self-empowerment. Win or lose, you’re empowering yourself to go forward in life.”

Angela Williams

“Actually, I was invited here for this special fundraising event. I saw this as being an outing for my daughter and me to attend together. What I expect for them to get out of this event is basically to learn how to stick together. There are other ways of fighting out your issues and problems without using guns. Cease Fire.”

Zachary Penner

“It’s about the kids. It gives them some responsibility, and it’s steering them off the streets. I got a nephew here who’s boxing, and he’s a good student too. He’s doing excellent. It shows that you can do more than run the streets and gang-bang. [This tournament is] helping the kids, the young ones on up to the teenagers, and I wish there would be more [events] like this.”

Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins

“I’m out here today as a sponsor of this event. I think our kids need more opportunities and chances to express themselves in other ways than what we see in the streets. I believe learning professional boxing and understanding the rules is a good way for our kids to learn and implement new ideas in their lives. This is a positive event, this is a family event, and, more than anything else, we need more of these events in our communities. I’m willing to help fund them.”