Karen Rivers

“Well, if that’s what the Austin community children need, I think he needs to give it to us because, right now, the children are below learning level. The more knowledge, the more power.”

Katryla Price

“I’m glad. I don’t think we need extended-day schools because it is just too long. I’m happy there are not going to be any more.”

Chamika Long

“Well, I think he should extend the school day at more schools.  It’s good for the kids to learn for an extra hour or so. It really helps the parents out too that work and goes to school, just like me. I have two kids, and it would really help for them to be in school longer.”

Jason Loving

“I think he should continue with the project. I think it would be better for the kids’ education. I really think he should keep that project going because that extra hour can really make a difference if they have a structured lesson. I think he should go back to the plan and keep it going.”

Charles Freemon

“What I think about it is they should have extended days because of the simple fact some of these kids need that extra day. They need to learn more. Extended days would go good.”

Shawn Simmons

“I think it’s a good idea. I didn’t appreciate the extended-day schools because, frankly, if they are not doing anything with those extended hours, then it’s worthless. It’s just giving parents different times to go pick up their kids, but if they were to do something educational in those extra minutes, then I was all for it. But I don’t think they can get anything done in that small amount of time.”