Tina Tiques

“No, I won’t be making any resolutions, but I will definitely be in church on New Year’s Eve. That’s where me and my kids are every New Year’s Eve.”

Temyra Lewis

“For New Year’s Eve, I plan to just spend the time with my family and helping my family enjoy their life and thanking God for letting us see another year. I’m not making a resolution except to enjoy my family.”

Steve Williams

“I’m going to be working because it’s a must. After New Year’s Eve, I’m going home and go to sleep to prepare to work the next day. My resolution is to quit smoking.”

Ervin Stallworth

“To rest and relax on New Year’s Day and watch football. My resolution is to go to work the next morning.”  

Ebony McKinley

“Have a picnic with my kids like I always do every year. We get chips, juice. We make sandwiches and everything and sit in the middle of the floor, pig out, and watch TV until they fall out. We do it every year. I’m not making resolutions. I’m just going with it because every time you make a resolution before you get in the new year good, you break it, so I’m just going with it.”

Mary Pate

“I will be at work on New Year’s Eve which is really, really bad, but when I get home I will make breakfast and have fun with my family. My resolution for this year is to just be positive and to stop being negative in anything I do. That’s it.”