Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Marcus Reynolds

“That I completed the Chicago Marathon in four hours and 59 minutes. I trained for about six months with my church, Living Word Christian Center. It was my first time running the marathon, and I finished it.”

Hyneisha Wilson

“MacArthur’s Christmas Party. It was held right here. It was a great party because I had a nice time with my family, friends and co-workers. I was dancing and laughing, and I really had a good time.”

Ray Ervin

“Right off hand, I guess I have to say it’s the election with Daley not being the mayor of Chicago after being the mayor for so long. He’s been the mayor for quite some time, him and his father, and now it’s a change. It’s a difference. I was surprised by it.”

Dr. Ozella Barnes

“That’s a tough question. I probably will remember most about 2011 is that unemployment was really high and a lot of people were struggling. Because I’m a psychologist who works with a lot of young people who are homeless, I see an increase in the numbers. Yeah, I will remember the poverty of 2011.”

Alfonso Nash

“Back in June, my son, Paris Nash, graduated from high school and started college, so that was the most memorable thing for me coming from where I come from. He was the first one in my family to go to college. It was a proud day for me and his mother. He goes to Joliet Junior College.”

Luster Jackson

“Unfortunately, I will remember most was a year of sickness; my wife’s illness, Olavenia Bolstein Jackson. She will have her home going services this Saturday at Bethel Church on 45th and Michigan. This was not a good year. She died at six in the morning on Saturday, the 31st. We were married 56 years. “