Who better than a top comedienne to write a book about Americans’ ridiculous behavior in public? Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There? is Whoopi Goldberg’s hilarious response to the ill-mannered antics of everyday people.

The book covers topics ranging from disrespect to texting to drunk driving. Is It Just Me? is the roaring statement to rude people that their behavior is unnecessary and intolerable. Goldberg’s humorous non-fiction account of bad behavior is an honest look at what happens when civility flies out the window.

Human behavior zoomed from bad to inane with cellphone and computer use. And the ability to just meet a celebrity and talk turned into snapping pictures, texting information, and blogging about celebrity life.

Goldberg likens the obsession with clocking everyone else’s business to being in a big-brother state. Is big brother watching? The government doesn’t have to watch you if everyone else is watching. Technology changes the game making privacy is a thing of the past.

Goldberg addresses abusing alcohol, cigarettes and cellphones in one swoop. Cigarette advertising makes you feel awful for the person dying in a bed from long-term smoking, but Goldberg feels the warnings for drunk driving aren’t the same.

If watchdogs can warn you sufficiently against the effects of smoking, why can’t they warn you about drunk driving? Goldberg questions where the commercials are with the bloody streets and smashed cars

Instead of taking away their driver’s license or giving them a DUI, Goldberg suggests taking cars away from drunk drivers as punishment. And if texting and driving wasn’t bad enough, text and killing with someone is not unheard of now. So if caught texting and driving, Goldberg suggests police take your car for a week. Just to punish you. Goldberg says that our excesses continue because we live in a world with power and no consequences. Her solution is prevention comes when punishment exists.

For Goldberg, respect is what seems to be missing in all of this. People do not respect each other. Not in person, not on the plane, not in the car pool and not at the office. Rudeness has become a lifestyle rather than affording people respect and using manners that you were taught as a child.

Goldberg is a comedienne plain and simple. Her witty book is fun and irreverent with score sheets to tabulate your level of civility and regulate your own behavior. What it isn’t is a solution to the problems that exist. It is a look at them, pointing them out or maybe pointing you out to yourself to say that you are this person and some things can stand to change.

She makes you look at yourself and wonder if you have been on good behavior or if you are guilty of making it nuts out there.

Angelic Jones

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