Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Doreen-Ambrose Van Lee

I like to read autobiographies. I have so many favorite books; itfs hard to choose. I like Malcolm X. I read it as a child; I read it as an adult. I like anything written by Langston Hughes.”

Inez Davis

‘I donft read a lot, so I am not sure right now. My favorite book when I was young was Billie Holidayfs biography. I was very inspired by her life and the music. I was very inspired by her and Louie Armstrong, and other great people of her time.”

Zolanda West

‘The books I like to read are by interesting authors that tell enlightened stories. Maya Angelou is one of my favorites. She is an author that gets to the heart of her pieces; she gets in-depth, and she leaves the reader knowing that her work is very, very creative. I find her very interesting.”

Ida Barnes

‘The main book I read right now is the Bible and my Sunday School book. I spend so much time in that I donft have much time to read a lot of other books. One of my favorite authors is Toni Morrison. One of the books she wrote is The Bluest Eye. I like it because it talks about a lot to the things and issues black women have to go through and deal with everyday.”

Sylvia Spraggins

‘I love reading Nikki Giovanni. I love her poetry; I love her prose. I love reading any information about her. Ifve read her autobiography; her collection of poems. Ifm a teacher and I use her poetry with my students. I have them dissect the poems and see what she means by it. My favorites by her are eAnd I have youf and eLove Isf. ‘