Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Jerome Newman

“First black president; I’d just tell him to keep up the good work. We really appreciate everything that he is doing for the poor and the rich.”

April King

“I would ask him to help us black women who don’t have kids who are underage. I need a job and I will work, but they won’t hire me. That’s about the size of it.”

Tharnell Brown

“I would like to say Mr. Barack Obama, keep doing what you are doing. You’re doing a wonderful thing. There are people who are going to keep trying to pull you down because you are the first black president, but don’t let them stop you. Just keep pushing on.”

Theodus Harris

“Mr. President, I think you are doing an excellent job, and I know change don’t happen overnight, but it’s a lot more that we need to do for the black community as far as the West Side of Chicago. I would really appreciate your help with more programs for the youth, and the educational system being a little more stable than what it is for the youth of today.”

Jennifer Young

“I would like for him to help me. I need some Medicaid and I can’t get it. When my daughter turned 19 they cut me off and that was the end of it. And he said he was going to help the black people and he has done nothing for me yet. I need some help. If he gave me some Medicaid I could go to the doctor. I have to pay and I don’t have income.”

Gail Spears

“I would say you are the greatest president in the whole wide world, and keep on staying black and staying together. He’s a wonderful man. I like him so very much.”