Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Elizabeth Nellums

“Yes, they should be because you shouldn’t be driving under the influence anyway, and if you endanger somebody else’s life, you should be in prison for that, even if it was an accident.”

Debra Brooks

“They should be punished. My nephew went to prison for the same thing. He killed somebody drunk driving; he had to serve time. I guess what’s good for him is good for the next one.”

Paul Shaffer

“Yes, I think they need to be in prison because you know you are not supposed to be driving under the influence. DUI is sending people to the penitentiary. If you’re driving under the influence and you killed the person, you should go to prison.”

La Tanya Robinson

“Well, if they don’t leave the scene, I think everybody is entitled to second chances, but if they killed somebody, I don’t know. I get a little tipsy, too, but I don’t get behind the wheel and go driving, so I think, yeah, they should go to jail, especially if they leave the scene.”

Derry Robinson

“I think they should be charged with murder because a car is a murder weapon, and you shouldn’t be driving under the influence anyway. And if it be justified, I don’t think court should be lenient and they get out early. They should have to do their full time.”


“It depends because everyone is not out to hurt somebody. But, as an adult, you have to take the responsibility. As a teenager, you have to take responsibility, and the responsibility is, if you are driving under the influence of alcohol, then you know you can kill somebody or hurt somebody. I feel differently about what the punishment should be. For some, of course the punishment should be life in prison. Others? I just don’t know.”