Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Taylor Robinson

“I think [Zimmerman] was wrong, and the police told him not to [follow Trayvon], and he did it anyway and shot [Trayvon] for no simple reason, so I think he should be in prison forever.”

Tyrone Carter

“I believe they should get justice, because [George Zimmerman] was wrong to kill that boy. The kid didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t have no weapon or nothing, so why did he shoot him? If the law don’t get justice, someone on the streets will.”

Craig Holyfield

“Well, I think, mainly, we make a whole lot of deal when it comes to just one black person getting killed, but people are getting killed out here every day. We should be just as angry when everybody is getting killed out here every day. When a white person kills a black person, then we make a big deal out of that, but they’re doing drive-bys out here, they shooting each other; we should get mad about that. That’s just my opinion.”

Leo Swan

“Well, yes, I believe that if everyone pull together, come together as one on this here issue, I believe some justice will come about. Now, what will it be I just can’t say. One mind will tell you to give him the electric chair, string him up, or give him 140 lashes on his back because he was wrong. Who are we to judge anybody? But, if we all come together and pray, there will be some justice for that family.”

Latasha Fields

“Well, I hope and pray that they get justice. [Zimmerman] needs to be sentenced for what he did. We have to look at the facts before anything, and I think the facts are that [Zimmerman] was misled by his own assumption, and he took matters into his own hands. And even the police knows this, and those are the facts, and I think that justice should be served.”

Pat Jack

“I sure hope that they will get justice. The crime that was committed, [Zimmerman] needs to go to jail for it, bottom line, and that’s the kind of justice that I see. If it was anybody else that had gotten shot whether black or white or Mexican, then they would serve the time for it, so that family needs the same justice, for [Zimmerman] to serve his time.”