Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Boom Dade

“I thought it was good. It really tells how selfish men can be and how women can play the game better.”

Sparkle Reynolds

“I thought it was hilarious. I learned a lot from the movie, like to use the 90-day rule, don’t let a man refuse to open the door for you, and hold on to the cookies.”

Brianna Blue

“I thought it was fun. I thought it had insights for males and females. I felt some of it was untrue, but Kevin Hart was hilarious. I went with a male friend, and we kept saying, ‘That’s not true,’ or ‘This is not true,’ so we decided that men and women just think differently.”

Monie Witherspoon

“It was a really good movie. I just hated the end where the guys tried to act like they knew the game. They gonna flip it on us as women. That’s the only part I had a discrepancy with. Why give the game, then turn around and try to use it on us as women? It was a great movie.”

Jim Young

“I liked the movie. It shows how men feel about things and how men should be treated. I think Steve Harvey told a little bit too much, but it was a good movie.”

Marlin Kirby

“I was surprised it was a really good movie. I laughed a lot, but it had some good information. Mainly, it showed how if a man approaches a woman open mindedly, he might end up with a good woman and a good relationship.”