Whether we want to admit it or not, tragedies are among life’s lessons. Tragedies teach us not to do certain things. Those who end up on the wrong side of the tragedy learn a lesson too. Unfortunately, if the lesson learned results in death, then the lesson costs the ultimate price.

Such appears to be the case with the four women from Austin, all young mothers, who were killed on Mother’s Day eve. They were Bernadette Harris, 25; Alicia Josten, 22; Ieshia Nelson, 21; and Tyshyra Hines, 21. A security camera from a nearby building captured most of the incident. In the video, the car the women were traveling in was on the wrong side of the street with a black car traveling on the right side of the road. Both cars were traveling at a high rate of speed, which appears to be the reason the women’s car hit a pole and split in two, killing all four.

Though this is a tragedy, it is also a learning lesson. It is a tragic reminder that once you become a mother, your obligation is to your child, first and foremost. Thus you cannot drag race or be a passenger in a car with those who have no concern for your safety – or their own. Your children at home are depending on you for their care and support. So everything you do has to be prefaced with, “My kids need me, so …” Then fill in the missing parts of that statement with what you can and cannot do when you have children depending on you.

Somewhere on the West Side of Chicago there is a witness to this horrific accident. That person is the man or woman who was driving the other car. It was a black car, possibly a Dodge Charger. That person needs to come forward voluntarily before the police find him/her. If one camera captured the accident, surely another camera filmed the license plate of the car as they made their way home and away from the accident. That driver is only going to make it worse if he or she doesn’t come forward. The police can add additional charges.

The message to that driver: Lawyer up and come forward, especially since there is already speculation that the black car may have hit the other car causing it to hit the pole.

The sad truth is this was an accident that should not have happened. If we don’t use situations like this to teach lessons to our young people, then when and how will they learn? Yes it is horrible that four young mothers lost their lives. But just driving on Lake Street at normal speeds can be a challenge. Add double to triple the speed and the stage is set for a worst-case scenario.

Which is exactly what happened in this case.