Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Freddie Taylor

“I wouldn’t trade myself because I love myself. God gave me life, and I’m living it. I’m a good, kind man. I’m 77 and living my life.”

Richman Johnson

“My grandkids because they are the toast of my life now. They are age 4 to 9; I go to visit them and they come to visit me. Their names are Jada, Kenneth, and Daniel.”

Paul Matthew Wilson

“My mother Barbara because she raised me and my two sisters, and she was a very intelligent woman. She was a mother and a father to me. She taught me all the things I know, that I have grown to love and understand during my living in Chicago. She’s deceased now. She’s been gone since 1969.”

Beatrice McDonald

“My mama because she’s my life; she’s my heart; she’s my everything. She’s my woman, my man, my sister, my brother; my everything. She passed away nine years ago, but she taught me everything I know. She was country. She taught me how to cook, clean, cook rabbits, turtles, all that. Her name was Birdie B. They called her Big Mama. Birdie B, that’s my mama!”

Calvin Brookins

“My mom because I love her to death. Her name is Geraldine Brookins. She’s single now because my dad passed away about five years ago. She has three foster kids that she adopted. I don’t see her much because I work. My brother sees her every day and my sister lives with her. I see her on the weekends.”

Vernelia Harris

“The one thing I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world is my health. The person would be my youngest daughter Jamie because she is always there when I need something. If I need to go to the store or whatever, Jamie is always there. I can really depend on Jamie, and I wouldn’t trade her.”

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