Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Keith Smith

‘Well, Ifll go all over the world to see how people live in different places, and Ifd probably take Barack Obama with me so he can see the same stuff too.”

Walter Clarvoc

‘I would go to Aruba because the weather suites my personality and Ifd take my girlfriend, Judy. I donft know if I would like to come back. Thatfs where Ifd like to retire.”

Mary Johnson

‘It would be Hawaii because itfs close to paradise. Ifve seen photographs and itfs beautiful. Ifd take my sister, Juanita, and my favorite niece with me.”

Juanita Carter

‘I have two places that I would love to go. One is Jamaica because I like the people over there; I like the way they talk, and it looks like it would be a whole lot of fun. The other place is Jerusalem because Ifd like to see where Jesus Christ walked. I have a lot of faith, but that would make it even stronger. Ifd take my sister with me.”

Regina Land

‘It would be the Bahamas and Africa. Ifd go to Africa to see where we all originated from. I want to go to the good part of Africa, not where the flies are and stuff. Ifd go to the Bahamas where the water is nice and we can wear the bikinis and stuff. Ifd take my mom, my aunt, and my sister, Eva.”

John Ready

‘I would probably go to Rome, Italy. Ifd like to probably visit the architecture, the history of the city, and of the country. Ifd probably like to take my mother there. It will just give me a deeper appreciation of the history bringing along somebody that gave me life and allowed me, in some significant way, to have a little bit of history in society.”