Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Ashantian Riggens

“My father Keith (Riggens) is my great dad. I love him a lot and we play games with him all day. We laugh all day and I want him to come and visit me. I love you, daddy.”

Peter McFadden

“Jesus Christ because he knows everything. He’s the controller of the whole world.”

Nicole Labon

“My pastor, Carlton Wade of the New Upper Room, because he is very spiritual and he always has an encouraging word. He never gives up. He kept the faith, and I just have so much respect for my pastor.”

Labarron Scott

“Me because I think I’m a great father. I have a 2-year-old daughter. I show the love and affection to her. I take good care of her. I enjoy being a father. Her name is Shaniya.”

Ruby Harris

“David Bridges. He is one of my friends. He took on someone else’s child and actually just took the child and grew them up from the time they got here until about 13. Then he sent him on his way and made sure he had everything. Because his father was not there for him, he decided that he would be there for this child and take care of that child even though this child was not his.”

Traquan Riggens

“Keith Riggens, my father, because he is actually the best. He was with my mom and my brother was with him. He would take me a lot of places and play games with me. I love him a lot. He’s the greatest father in the world.”