Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

James Gholar

“I really don’t know. My only experience with that was when my grandfather passed away. I would say that I thought that I felt his presence. Other than that, I believe in spirituality and life after death. I’m not too sure there are ghosts.”

Lizzy Mosier

“Yes I do because the other night I was in my kitchen and a bowl just flew off my counter. It was sitting back, not on the edge, but it just flew off the counter. I think it was a ghost because there is no other explanation for that. I don’t know who it could have been because I just moved into that apartment. It could have been anyone.”

Patricia Hampton

“Yes, because I saw it for myself. One night I saw a man with a white face with a black cape just standing there looking at me and my husband. He was sleep and I woke him up to show it to him and he said, ‘I know; I already saw it.'”

Alexandria Bush

“Yes, I do believe in ghosts and spirits, because I think of reincarnation and I think people come back as ghost and stuff. I have seen a couple of things in my house that might drop or fall for no reason. I have recognized the presence of my grandfather’s spirit. I think it was my granddad I saw in a car the other day. I could see his face and all that.”

Dionte Pearson

“I do believe in ghosts because I don’t know why stuff happens. Doors close on their own. When somebody die and a baby is born and I be thinking that’s somebody else’s spirit in that baby and stuff.”

Vanita Jackson

“I do and then I don’t. I never really experienced the ghosts, but I do know creepy things be happening around Halloween. Like the doors shutting, and you might see faces in the woods, and it do be kind of creepy.”