Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Charles Allaway

‘My co-star would be Mike Epps and the movie would be about a little boy who wants to be in the NBA and he makes it. Mike Epps would be his mentor.”

Emily Lukasewski

‘It would be about Katie Holmes. She would be my co-star and I would be Tom Cruise. We would get married and have a child. Herefs the kicker: itfs a horror film and Ifm Tom Cruise and Ifm trying to murder her the whole time. The twist is I win and Tom Cruise is the victor.”

Jasmine Kummer

‘I think I would do some sort of girl power, like girlfriends-hanging-out movie, and Ifd have like all my friends. Beyonce would be there because I really like her. Just a bunch of girls and therefll be drama because you know how girls are, cat fights and stuff, but then we all like make up. I think Ifd have Julia Roberts because I have her hair. We can all be sisters.”@

Cheresse Dukes

‘It would be with Samuel L. Jackson in a movie like Lean on Me combating literacy in Chicago and something like that. It wonft be a love story because I like him, but I donft like him like that. Hefd be bald. Hefs funny, and hefs always cursing in movies, but I like his movies because hefs a really good actor.”

Makia Johnson

‘My co-star would be Jacob Latimore and the movie would be about bullying. Ifd be being bullied and Ifd solve the problem by telling an adult, and if the adult didnft help me, then Ifd solve the problem myself and Jacob would be helping me.”

Shakia Peters

‘My co-star would be Jalen Smith and the movie would be about romance. Wefd be in school and the girl would meet the boy and theyfd start hanging out. Itfll be just like Romeo and Juliet except at the end they wonft be dead.”