More than 20 West Side sixth-graders are on a path to Princeton and other top universities thanks to a free program offered at Bethel New Life.

The Pathways to Princeton year-long program at Bethel, 4950 W. Thomas, will allow the students to meet professionals in their ideal career, pursue interests in arts and academics, and visit Princeton University in spring 2013.

The youngsters went through a rigorous application process as part of the program.

The students presented their first research project about what job they’d love to do as adults, and what college they’d like to attend, at the program’s kick-off on July 14.

A handful of students said they wanted to be lawyers and attend schools such as Harvard, Yale and the University of Chicago, among others. One student said she wants to be a marine biologist and attend school in Hawaii or Miami. Other students looked to become video game designers, engineers, fashion photographers, artists, and meteorologists.

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