Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Loretta Wortham

“I feel it’s some ‘B.S.’ and that guy knew what he was doing when he came out there. He’s go’n’ plead insanity and he’s going to get off. If it had been a black man, they would have shot him on sight.”

Rita Thompson

“I just pray that God heals the family of the victims. I pray for the shooter, too, but I think he should get the electric chair.”

Thomas Woods-Bey

“I think that somebody pushed the young man’s button to cause him to react the way he did. The situation was pretty extreme because he was being evicted and he had other problems. Something else pushed his button that caused him to do what he did. Had his parents been closer to him, he might not have reacted the way he did. He probably had been pushed his whole life. He will probably go to jail, but I think he just had a mental problem and he cracked.”

Octavia Johnson

“I believe that was a sad case. I really hope people don’t be scared to go out as far as going to the show. That was a really terrible thing that that man had set up and contemplated on for months. It was premeditated and not the work of a crazy person, but the work of someone who wanted to do some mean things. I think he should be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Lisa Dumas

“I think that was a sad situation and it was a tragedy. I feel sorry for all the families. My heart goes out for all the families, and I feel the guy should get what’s coming to him.”

Patricia Anderson

“I think that was a real sad issue about those people getting killed, and I believe the person that done it needs to have justice done. And I believe he was in his right state of mind, so I really, really pray for him.”