Exercise is hard but not impossible in the summer, and maintaining your body weight or losing weight is important. The summer is the perfect time for days at the beach, parties, and barbeque. That means you will pack on the pounds as you make your rounds through your social engagements.

“I’m just too fat,” is not enough of an excuse not to make your friend’s party that was planned for two or three months. To avoid excessive weight gain, make a plan to fit exercise into your life daily. Summer is a great time to integrate exercise into your already active life.

The key to exercise is understanding that you don’t have to go to a gym to do it. In the summer you don’t have to worry about all the snow that kept you in during the winter and spring months. Now you have the opportunity to get out in the sun. A bonus to getting outdoors is that the sun is a necessity for your body. Your body will get vitamin D sunrays. Vitamin D helps decrease your risk of heart disease. So step out in the heat to beat heart attack risk.

Good exercise starts with aerobic activity. You can walk or run to do this exercise outside. And this will help your body with overall oxygen consumption and help you build your muscles up. While this may not be a personal goal for you, your muscles protect joints and organs. So exercise is the maximum effort you can really exert to protect yourself as you age. The fact is that exercise in your youth builds up muscle density. That physical activity is your guarantee against the inevitable effects of aging. All the more reason for you to shape up on a regular basis.


To get started you will need to hydrate yourself. Chicago is experiencing record heat with the rest of the country. The crops are not the only thing that can experience drought. Your body can as well. If you are drinking juice, soda, and other sugary drinks on a regular basis instead of getting the recommended eight glasses of water a day then your body, over time, can experience drought. This is because your body, like the Earth, is made up primarily of water. And if you are consuming drinks other than water you are adding sugar to your body. Of course, your body takes in these sugars and converts them to fat. Why? The body takes sugar in and uses it for energy. Over time, as you continue to feed the body sugar the body thinks that this is stores for future use. So the body packs it in for storage. You can consider that the spare tire that you button your jeans over. So it is important when going to exercise that you start off by drinking water on a regular basis. That will help your body prep for exercise. Water also helps hydrate parts of your body. And this will ensure that you ward off injury. Once you get outside you can carry a water body with you to stay hydrated as you sweat.

Start small

Getting back in shape is a goal many people set that is hard to do. Often, your body will resist being retrained initially. You may exercise for some time before you actually see some results. Remember, first on first off. So you will need to work a while. Set small goals and stick with it. I need to lose 25 pounds. Start with I need to lose 5 pounds. And put in the effort. Keep a journal of what you eat at sites that let you track your progress like www.myfitnesspal.com. Note your size from start to finish. And work hard to lose weight.

The benefits to exercising for our body are endless. The summer time only makes the experience better because there are additional benefits to getting a little sun. Remember, the key to exercise is no pain, no gain. You will not look good and feel good if you simply do not put in the effort to make something happen for yourself. Exercise will do your body good. Start now.

Angelic Jones is a freelance writer working at a private school as an advisor: ajoneswrites4u@excite.com.

Angelic Jones

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