Loretta A. Ragsdell ask:

Elizabeth Wilkerson

“Biking because it seems like the easiest sport. I like to ride a bike when I can, and I’d like to go to the Olympics. It looks like it would be fun.”

Domeshera Liddell

“I would probably say running because I like to run. I wouldn’t say that I’m pretty fast, but I like doing it. I’m going to be on the track team at school next year. I’d like to go to the Olympics.”

Taneil Gladney

“Either swimming or jump roping because those are my two favorite sports. I’m a little good at swimming, and I can jump rope pretty fast.”

Tirria Martin

“Soccer because soccer is really athletic for me. I like to get exercise and run around and have fun and play. I’m really good at soccer.”

De Shawn Green

“I think I’d do track because I like to run, and it will help to build leg muscle. I also like to swim. We play water polo here at Austin Town Hall, and we came in first place.”