Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Jayla Payne

“My favorite movie is Sponge Bob because it’s funny. I’d like to be in a movie with Sponge Bob. I would play the part of Mr. Crabs or Patrick.”

Krystal Robinson

“I like funny movies. I don’t have a favorite movie. I just like to laugh.”

Fortune Obanner

“Chris Brown in anything on my TV. I like his videos and the things he says. I like his cussing.”

Jasmine Walker

“Ice Age because it’s the funniest movie. I liked it because the baby was small.”

Krystin Robinson

I like Rags because it has a lot of singing in it, and I like to sing and dance.”

Zyrienae Chambliss

“I like Let It Shine because I love that singing and stuff. I don’t sing that much, but I can dance. I’d like to sing and dance in a movie.”