Austin’s St. Paul Lutheran School will open its doors Aug. 28 for its 127th academic year, and there’s still time and space in some grades to enroll.

The school is located at 846 N. Menard serves K-8 students. According to a press release from the school, the school’s focus is on working with parents to give children a “quality education in a Christ-centered environment so students can live meaningful, productive lives.”

St. Paul Lutheran has changed much since opening as a one-room church and school in 1886 with just 20 students – tuition then was 50 cents per month. The original building stood on four plots of land given by Henry W. Austin when the Village of Austin was suburb of Chicago.

Austin was annexed to the city Chicago around the turn of the century, and a new church was built the following year in 1900, with a new school constructed in 1912. Enrollment continued to rise steadily through the years, so an addition was added to the school, and a new church was built in 1950.

For more information about enrollment: call the school at 773-378-6644, or visit