Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Chicago Public School teachers have threatened to strike next week if a contract agreement is not reached. Would you support the teachers if they were to go out on strike?

Ricky Sparks

“Yes, I would because they need it. They have to deal with all these kids living in the inland and stuff, and it’s just tough on them because the kids don’t have a lot of home training and the parents are on drugs or something, so they take it out on the teachers.”

Ronnie Ellis

“Yes, I would be 100 percent with them going out on strike because I think they are trying to do something to better the neighborhood and the community.”

Robert Harris

“Yes, I would support the teachers because without them there could be no education, and education is a very beautiful thing for the children; they are our future; they are our leaders for tomorrow. If they do go on strike, I hope it won’t be for a long time because I’d rather for them to be in school with the children, but I would support them.”

Kent Brown

“Yes, I would support them. I think they should get their raise so the children can keep on learning in school. I understand they need a cost-of-living raise because they have families too. I think the kids should stay in school because they have been out for a while, but I think the teachers should get what they need too.”

Jimmy Young

“Yes, I would because you know the kids these days need to go to school. There is so much violence and different stuff. The parents can’t tell them what to do; the kids do what they want to do. The teachers need a better wage because if they don’t teach the kids, then who will?”

Dante Blackledge

“Yes, I would because I feel the teachers outside of all other government federal employees do a great job and their job is very important. They are influencing the next generation. So just like the fireman or policeman, you can’t give them enough money in my own estimation.”