Thanks to the Internet, I got a chance to see both of the speeches given by the wives of the candidates for president. I had caught snippets of Michelle Obama’s speech on television when she first gave it. But it wasn’t until days later that I was finally able to see her entire speech and also that of Ann Romney.

If the wives’ speeches were the measure of who would get my vote for president, Michelle Obama hit a home run with her heartfelt words about her husband. Ann Romney’s speech was thoughtful, especially every time she mentioned how Mitt Romney could make her laugh. But try as I might, I couldn’t feel any connection to Ann Romney. From her red dress that was so plain it soon became a faded memory to her hair that appeared disheveled, Ann didn’t capture my imagination. Michelle, on the other hand, was so captivating, and her hair and dress were so gorgeous, that it became easy to hear her words and imagine myself in her shoes.

As I listened to Michelle speak, it was wonderful to see a woman who had done everything the “right” way. She had met a man whom she wanted to make a life with. They had dated and then married. And when Michelle speaks of “the girls,” it is easy to know that those children are benefiting from having both of their loving parents in their lives.

Speaking of the Obama girls, I had written a column over four years ago where I had hoped those girls would be very visible during their stay in the White House as a role model for other American children who didn’t have the kind of guidance from their parents like the Obamas give their “girls.” So when they finally came on television days later after President Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, it was Sasha Obama’s appearance that threw me for a loop. I had seen pictures of Malia and I knew that she was growing tall. She is almost as tall as her parents.

But it was when Sasha came into view that I had to acknowledge just how much time had passed and how she was now a “tween.” I loved both of the dresses those girls wore, and it is refreshing to see them on nationwide television wearing flats and not adult high-heel shoes.

Those girls can be a fashion inspiration to millions of young American girls who have bodies that show “adult” while having minds that are still “kid.” I watched with pride the way they could shine in the spotlight of the national media and look so composed and ladylike.

In a world too often categorized by chaos and violence, it is wonderful to see children who can grow up under the spotlight and be such normal individuals. I may not agree with all of Obama’s politics, but when it comes to parenting, he is definitely right on that one.