Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Keith Rivers

“I like school, and I miss my teacher. I miss my friends, and I want to go back.”

Priscella McHarvey

“I just feel [the Mayor and the teachers] need to come to an agreement, and the kids need to be in school. Once they get it solved, the parents will be at ease because there are too many kids in the classroom. They need to sit down and have a meeting, talk it over, and come to a compromise because the kids are our future, and they don’t need to be out here.”

Jasmine Jackson

“I recently graduated from Robert Emmett Elementary School, and I’m supposed to be going to Austin High School. When I heard about the strike, I said, ‘Wow! I need to go to school because I need something to do.’ I don’t know why the teachers are striking, and I need to go to school.”

Tyrell Middleton

“I just want to go back to school because it be fun sometimes. I want the teachers to go back to school so I can learn something.”

Jamari Alfred

“I went to school last week, and I met my teacher. Now [the teachers] are out on strike. I am ready to go back because I miss my classroom. I get a lot of attention from my teacher. I am still doing my work, so I will be ready when I go back to school.”

Betty Campbell

“I think it is upsetting to the mothers and the parents of the children. It’s a disadvantage to us. I have a grandchild in the school system, and my daughter has been going around trying to get someone to keep her children, but she said they want more money because they are taking advantage of the situation. I work, so I can’t help. It’s been devastating on my daughter, so I wish they would end the strike.”