Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Latisha Gayles

“My favorite teacher’s name was Ms. Light. She was very inspirational. It was the sixth grade, and she taught me a lot. She showed me new things, and I really admire and love her. I still see her from time to time in my neighborhood.”

Sirkera Jackson

“Yes, Mr. West from Banner High School. He came to my house to get me up or he would call me to get me up in the morning to keep me from being late. He helped me to graduate.”

Dante Blackledge

“Yes, fortunately it was my kindergarten teacher, believe it or not. Her name was Mrs. Best, and she was the best. She taught me, but most of all she showed me human concern and compassion. She showed me motherly love. That really encouraged me, and that’s why Mrs. Best will always be someone who is very, very special.”

Darnell Nelson

“Yes, I have two I remember very fondly. Mrs. Ray, my science teacher from Austin High School was the nicest lady I have ever met in my life. She taught me responsibility, and she taught me how to pay attention to things. She taught me a lot; there are quite a few things. The other one was Ms. Dorthea Olive, my counselor from Austin. She kept me out of a lot of trouble and I really appreciated that. High school was a good time for me.”

Anna McClain

“My teacher is one of my college professors. He’s really changing my life because I took a class this summer, and I’d never been to college, and his class has taught me how to prepare myself to get my degree. His name is Andrew Ball at Malcolm X College.”

Jack Wiley

“The one teacher I remember, I believe she was a math teacher, is Ms. Carr. This was in seventh or eighth grade. I was going to Bond School at 79th and Racine. She helped a lot of us guys. She made sure that we got what it took for us to go to school. She got us on the right path.”