In my political career, I have seen a bevy of actions taken by politicians who ran the spectrum of good to bad to ugly. Yes and from mistakes to plain stupidity to viciousness.

As a general norm, I understand political positions are taken by elected officials. However, the adverse action taken by the Illinois House of Representatives in expelling from its body state Rep. Derrick Smith was poorly conceived, a long way from dialectical representation. It was petulance – grossly, blatantly and downright reprehensible.

The Illinois House is a representative body with members who at least should have a minuscule understanding of the law and would be extremely vigilant in adhering to the letter of the law, especially in its application to the lives of citizens.

Shockingly, the Illinois House of Representatives, in an effort to expel Derrick Smith from its body, totally overlooked, discarded, disregarded, did not know, or just didn’t care about the law of the land that reads: An individual is innocent until proven guilty. What they did was a sheer act of obfuscation to the general public.

Apparently, with the exception of four representatives voting no, the rest of the House members wanted Derrick Smith out as quickly as possible, even without the prerequisite of his rights.

Derrick Smith, mind you, hasn’t had a court case, no trial, hasn’t been found guilty. He is a qualified candidate and hasn’t been convicted of a crime.

A few local Democratic politicians in the 10th representative district, led by Secretary of State Jesse White, went outside of the Democratic Party to select a Unity Party candidate to run against Democrat Derrick Smith. Jesse White brought Derrick Smith to the table to be named the 10th district state representative, then turned against him.

If Democratic committeemen can urge the voters to go outside the Democratic Party and vote for a candidate who is not running as a Democrat, that is disrespect for the Democratic party. However, a weak politician will do what he’s told by his political bosses, no matter if it’s right or wrong or who gets hurt.

Lance Tyson, chief of staff for former president Todd Stroger at the Cook County Board, was a critical part of county board’s leadership when the crises at the county occurred. Now he wants to come and save the 10th representative district about which he knows absolutely anything.

Lance Tyson’s campaign literature is around, but you will not get his history because he doesn’t want you to know the facts about him, so here are the facts:

He is not the Democratic nominee. He’s the Unity Party candidate. He cannot even vote for himself because he does not live in the 10th, district; he hasn’t ever lived in the old or the new district; he’s never done any work in the district; and does not know the people in the district.

If he should win, the people promoting him will surely control him because he will not be the peoples’ representative; he will belong to the political bosses.

To vote for the Unity Party candidate, you will have to split your ticket, and I would hate to see anyone trying to split their ticket and miss voting for President Barack Obama.

My advice to voters in the 10th district is to vote for Derrick Smith because his opponent did not care enough about us to buy a house in the district and live with us before he decided to run for office, so let him run for office where he now lives.

Maybe they know him where he lives. We do not know him over here.

Ed Smith, is the former alderman/committeeman of the 28th Ward.