The ex-husband and family of WVON’s Sharon McGhee, who died last month of cancer, have announced the formation of a foundation to honor her work in fighting the disease.

McGhee, 54, died from ovarian cancer on Sept. 11. Her funeral took place on Sept. 22 in her native St. Louis. McGhee’s last wish was to start a foundation to help educate women with cancer, especially of the ovarian type. Her ex-husband, Wesley White, will work to bring that foundation to life.

White says that though they had been divorced, during his ex-wife’s last few months they had begun to talk about her dreams of expanding her company. They had also planned to remarry, White says. During their divorce, White had remarried and divorced but he said they always stayed in touch with each other. McGhee’s brother, Ivan, confirmed their marital plans.

McGhee wrote and directed the stage play The Pocketbook Monologues – which was inspired by the Vagina Monologues. Aimed primarily at teenage girls, the play is designed to teach black mothers and daughters about the importance of caring for their sexual health. McGhee’s family will work with her ex-husband to expand the Pocketbook Monologues to include a male perspective on sexuality.

“We felt we had to get the other perspective, and to expand on what Sharon started,” White said.

WVON hosted a memorial tribute on Sept. 30, for McGhee, who was a on-air host and news director at the station. The Final Monologue of Sharon McGhee, honored her life and legacy.

-Chinta Strausberg