Democratic voters, you have been betrayed. Just like the Illinois Democratic Party has been betrayed. So much so that Democratic leaders have created the Unity Party in order to support Lance Tyson, the REAL Democrat running for Illinois 10th District.

Do you know what has been happening in the 10th District? It’s history in the making. But in the sense that it has the potential to create a permanent dark stain on the Democratic Party. And shockingly former Alderman Ed Smith has become a big part of the problem.

Throughout my nearly 40 years serving the people of this great state, the overwhelming majority of elected officials I have worked with have had the highest standard of ethics. They have had a true desire to create a high quality of life for their respective constituents. It’s true that a few bad apples can spoil the entire bunch, which is why it is incumbent upon elected representatives to protect the integrity of public office. There are examples of corruption on both sides of the aisle, and our Fourth Estate, the media, also plays a big role in bringing to light any violation of the public trust.

Derrick Smith was caught on tape accepting a $7,000 bribe by an FBI informant, was arrested and is under indictment. After his arrest, an Illinois House committee of his peers spent hundreds of hours reviewing evidence and trying to determine how and if they should support their colleague through the indictment. As evidence of Derrick Smith accepting a bribe continued to mount against him, his peers invited him to discuss the situation and hear his perspective.

Unfortunately, Derrick Smith never once appeared before his peers in the General Assembly to share his side of the story. After repeated requests, the state representatives had a critical decision to make. In a pivotal election year, an ethical black eye on the face of the Democratic Party is the last thing President Barack Obama needs. Calls for Derrick to step aside in order to protect the party fell on deaf ears. Therefore, without Derrick’s own words of reassurance to party leaders, a vote was called by his peers on whether or not he should continue to represent the Illinois General Assembly.

For the first time in 107 years, with a 100-6 vote, Derrick Smith brought intense shame upon the Democratic Party by being expelled by an overwhelming majority of his peers.

Yes, Derrick will have his day in court. But the Illinois State House of Representatives are elected by the people and have an extremely high ethical standard to uphold. The vote was not only to expel him. It was also a vote of a total lack of confidence in his character and ability to represent the voters of the 10th District. Prior to his expulsion, he was ineffective in representing the voters of the 10th District, as he was shunned by an overwhelming majority of legislators.

Democratic Party leaders have rallied behind Lance Tyson, through the Unity Party, to elect the REAL DEMOCRAT to represent voters in this district. Who is Lance Tyson, you may be asking?

Lance is a family man and attorney. He worked hand in hand with then-Sen. Barack Obama to create 75,000 jobs in the community. He has fought for safer neighborhoods for our kids and affordable housing for families. He was selected because of his tireless advocacy work in the community, his impeccable character and his brilliant mind. Lance wants to continue his community work with plans to create more jobs in the 10th District, including programs to get ex-offenders into the workforce.

Lance Tyson is supported unanimously by the Democrat Party. Now you have a choice to make. Continue to let your vote be taken for granted, or do the right thing for our community by voting for President Obama and Lance Tyson, the REAL DEMOCRAT in this race. You deserve better.