Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Keshanna Allen

“I was a good student. I was always on the honor roll. I was always at school on time. I was a good student; I was a good girl.”

Van Williams

“I was a bad student. If you name it, I done it. My mother had to come up to school all the time. She would put me on punishment like no outside, no toys, or no television, simple punishment. I don’t know why I wouldn’t be good. I guess I was just one of those special people who couldn’t be good.”

Jordan Smith

“I was a good student. I always did my homework. Basically, that was it. I did my homework in class. I was always on top of everything. No fighting, no talking back, no spit balls. I tried to be respectful whenever I had to. I wanted to be successful in life.”

Ashley Nazere

“I was a good student, not too much with my grades, but I wasn’t bad. I didn’t talk back, no fighting, or anything like that; I was a good student.”

Vusi Zungu

“I believe I was a good student because I was good in my simple way. I got sent to the principal’s office, but it wasn’t anything serious. A little bad behavior, a little disrespect; I was a good student with a bad attitude.”

Louis Burke

“I had to be a good student because my parents wouldn’t allow me to be nothing else but a good student. I would help the teachers. I had to get “As,” no “Bs” or I would be punished. I had to sit in the corner, and I couldn’t go to see the movies.”