Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Tony Springer

“I hope that Mr. Obama does a better job [than last Tuesday]. If he does the same lackluster job as he did before, then he doesn’t have a chance.”

Lisa Nelson

“Yes, I have been watching the debates, and I think Barack is going to win. I watched the first one, and I’m going to watch the one tonight, and I will be voting for him again!”

Ernest Austin

“Yes, I have. I wish more people had seen and realized that Romney does a lot of behind-the-scenes comments that’s negative as it relates to us and Barack. He needs to be brought out to the forefront on his dishonesty. I think Barack is our chance still. We need to fight. We need to come together in unity at last to make this thing happen y’all!”

Bridget Beckwith

“I haven’t followed the debates, but my thoughts are that I am going to vote, and I’m asking everybody to go out and vote because that’s important. If anything happens, you don’t get to complain about it because you didn’t vote. Go out and vote. Go with what you feel. I am going to start watching the debate and find out what’s going on and how I feel.”

Karen Rivers

“It’s a good debate. I like that they are both out there and letting us know what they know and how they feel. I think a lot of people will realize who they need to vote for, which is Obama.”

Zena Stoner

“Yes, I been following the debates, and my thought is that I know Obama is going to win again. I have been keeping up with what he is doing. I am going to watch the debate tonight. I am just about everything that’s about Barack, and he is going to win.”