Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

John Adams

“I missed [the debate] last night, because I was watching the Bears, but we got to all get together, all the black people, and vote and get him back in there. The only way we know to get him back in.”

Warner Robinson

“Everyone should vote. We have to let them know to get out there and vote. The news people like you got to tell them to get out there and vote. That’s the only way we can get him back in there.”

Leo Swan

“Well, one thing is we all need to get out and vote and be positive about the election. We know Obama has been in there for about four years, and he did a pretty good job.

“It was messed up when he got in there and he cleaned-up a few things. He’s not just for the black people per se, he’s for the people including white and black, and if the people could just see that and put him back in there, they’ll see a great change.”

Shamika Walker

“Like the last time, we need to get more people voting out. Whoever didn’t vote last time, they need to vote this time. I think Obama is doing a good job. Regardless of what’s going on, I think Obama is doing an awesome job. I think everybody needs to get out there. I don’t care what time it is, you need to just get out there and vote.”

DeWayne Marshall

“I think, for one, we all need to hit the polls and represent for him. Not only because he is black, but because of the things he speak about and the accomplishments he has already made. He’s done some progress, a whole lot than the past couple of president, I believe. Last time was the first time I voted. I going to get back out there and tell all my friends to do the same.”

Calvin Jones

“We need more votes. We need more people to turn out to vote to help Barack get back in office. But I haven’t been following the debate, but my grandmother been telling me about it. We need to get everybody to get out there and vote, and to tell all their friends to vote.”