Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Saul Alexander

“I was out working, and I heard about it through the news. I felt pretty good about it. I will probably be at work again, and I will probably be doing the same thing, having fun knowing he won again.”

Justine Collins

“Yeah, I was at work and I felt good that for the first time a black man could win something and become president of the United States. I went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate. And this time, I’m going out to dinner again to celebrate.”

Tontanette Hodge

“I was actually in the bed lying down. I was awake, and when I seen that he won, I hopped out the bed to wake my grandmother up. I was happy. I went outside. There were a lot of people outside just celebrating in the streets saying, ‘We got a black president.'”

Crystal Prince

“I was actually at home with my child watching Madd TV, and I saw a blurb at the bottom of the screen saying he had won. I actually went outside with my friends; my whole building went outside and they were happy. I was happy, too, because I never thought it was possible. Now, I see the possibilities. This time I’m just going to be excited for him and pray that God helps him to keep the economy going the right way.”

Jeremy Pugh

“I was actually at a party at my friend’s. We were all watching the election together, and once we found out that he won, we just went crazy running around the town yelling out ‘Barack Obama.’ Actually, though, we did get pulled over by the police. The racist guy said, ‘Don’t think ya’ll can do anything you want because one of ya’ll people is in office.’ I’m not sure how I will celebrate this time; I might go to a party.”

Tony Marshall

“Yes, I was 17; I couldn’t vote yet, but I still wanted to vote. When Barack became president, I celebrated because we had a black president, and he was able to compromise and he was able to celebrate because he was able to make change just like he is now. Like they say, “We’re trying to go forward.” This time, I voted already; I early voted, and I’m just waiting on the results so we can have another four-year term because I know he can make change.”