The re-election of President Barack Obama occurred just over a week ago. Amazingly, the euphoria over his win is still going strong among my social media friends. I worked the election as a mobile polling place administrator, and at first I was nervous about the election.

My polling places were located around Irving Park and Laramie which is an area of mostly white ethnic voters. When the polls first opened, there was a surge of voters who poured into the polls. As I visited one polling place located in a school, I was amazed to see three young boys, roughly age 10, walking down the street engrossed in a conversation about the election and mentioning the president by name. Returning to the school around lunchtime, I was again privy to even younger children going to lunch and heard them talking about “Baa Rock Obama” with nary a teacher in sight.

But it was during my late afternoon visit back to the same polling place that I encountered another young boy passing near the voting booths. He looked at the people voting and those waiting to vote and shouted, “Vote for Barack Obama!” It was at that point I knew I was getting a message from the president’s young angels that he would win the election. I flashed my official badge at the boy and warned him that his action was considered “electioneering,” but I was impressed.

I later saw a Facebook post from a friend who was worried about what the outcome of the election would be. So I posted what I saw among the children. I also posted the same to my FB wall with the added prediction that I knew the president would win the election. Too bad Mitt Romney didn’t read my post. He could have quickly had a speech prepared to concede the election. LOL.

In the afterglow of the big win, it is interesting to hear from a lot of activists and radio personalities that it’s time we have a “black agenda” that we force the president to address.

For the past four years, many in the black community lashed out at anyone who would dare to criticize the President. Many who were so proud of Barack Obama just becoming president felt that if black folks asked for anything, we would be “embarrassing” Mr. Obama. Well, with re-election to office, he is now a lame duck. In other words, in four years he’ll be gone, so the agenda to get “elected” is no longer in play.

Hopefully, he and Congress can get together and begin solving many of the economic and social woes that have been festering in this country while politicians played partisan politics.

And before many of you mouth off about “the Republicans,” Obama refused initially to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. The response of its members was to give him the “black card” pass. Had it been a white president, they would have been out in numbers, marching on the White House and calling the president a “racist.”

Black people are still suffering from a lot of disparities. The unemployment rate for blacks is still in the double digits and are even higher for teens. Although Congress passed a law to change the disparities in the possession of crack cocaine versus powder cocaine, who is advocating to have the sentences of those black folks reviewed? As an example, a white guy gets five years for powder cocaine possession while black guy gets 10 for a lesser amount of crack.

To challenge the president is the most complimentary thing we as citizens can do. Make him do his job and give us what we need and want.