For years, those of us who have wanted to go eastbound on the Eisenhower I-290 expressway (or as I call it – the K-TOWN EXPRESS) have been used to getting a green arrow and green light.   That was most appropriate because the majority of traffic entering the K-Town Express has been coming out of Austin.   For some strange reason, after the new bridge was completed that linked Cicero, IL to the expressway, the City of Chicago made the left turn a signal only turn.

So early one Sunday, there I sat waiting on a turn signal while the traffic light for Laramie glowed a dollar bill green and my $3.50 a gallon gasoline burned away while not a single car was traversing Laramie going north or south.   As I pondered turning left anyway, I got pissed off.   Why should we, who are the majority needing to get on the Eisenhower,  inconvenienced to not be able to make a left turn?   And the more I thought about it, the angrier I got.   I got so angry that I went to CHANGE.ORG and began a petition to have that light taken out so that we can again make the left turn on the arrow or green.   If you feel like I do, then sign the petition and also pass it on to others.   I want over 20,000 people to join me in getting that light corrected so that those of us who need to make the left can do so.

Here’s the link the Change.ORG  petition:


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