James Spearman

“I love doing taxes, and if I was to have a reality show, it would be geared on me and my clients who I love so much coming in here at tax time and getting their taxes done. My show would be about people coming in here and telling me about their problems while I do their tax returns.”

Stoya Lockett

“It would be about a single young lady working and trying to make it in Chicago and just the everyday life situations you deal with in being a strong woman.”

Jennifer Adams

“It would about helping teens on the street help their parents get straight. It would be a documentary about my mother when she was high through her recovery.”


“It would be the real Kings and Queens of America. It would be a show dealing with the history of African Americans, and having young people and people in the community to give information on how well they know their culture, their people, the background and what we we’re going to do about our future. History.”

Sherman Lofton

“It would be about people who like to eat good food and sit down and play good board games while they are eating. Such as ‘Bacon and Banana Grams,’ and ‘Cheese Burgers and Checkers,’ and ‘Pizza and Pictionary.’ If you are inspired to get this show started, I can be contacted at the office here.”

Wendell Young

“It would just be about life in the ‘hood. Just daily life running a business and seeing all the different customers who come in and all the different high jinx played from the crackheads — just life in the ‘hood.”