When I say every idea comes completely enclosed with what it needs to manifest I simply mean you already have the things, skills, talents, and ability to make it happen. Think about a time when you had a great idea, and could not imagine how you would pull it off, but you gave it your best shot, and it happened. I remember when I thought I might become a photographer. All I had at the time was a Polaroid camera, or so I thought. One day after playing around with the Polaroid, I went into my closet looking for some more film, and I found an old shoebox. Inside of the box was a practically new 35 mm camera my sister had won at a bingo game several years ago. I asked her if she mind if I used it, and she said I could have it. That camera launched my career. Now some fifteen years later, I have traded up for a newer model (digital) and I am a photographer. So, you see. When I decided to become a photographer, I already had everything I needed for that idea to manifest. I just listened to the divine voice within and made it happen.