Now that the inauguration and merriment is over, what would you like to say to President Obama, and what do you think he should focus on first during this second term?

Earl Wiley

“I think he should focus on getting a mandate for getting all rifles off the streets to save our young people.”

Clarence Bonner

“All I can say is he should do the best that he can do. Nothing special. Just do the best that he can do. I think that he is wise enough to do that.”

Ruthie Chamblas

“I think he should continue focusing on senior health care for the senior citizens and the children, and I’m glad he got a second term.”

Bradford Brown

“Keep up the good work up that you are doing. Don’t let anybody get under your skin. Keep being a good man and work for the country.”

State Rep. Camille Lilly

I am very proud of him and his family in their willingness to represent us as a developed country that is very diverse. He represents our country very well, and as he moves forward to continue to meet the needs of the people of this great country, America, I too applaud him for looking back to that inauguration scene to see what he has to do, which is to represent the people, and as he continues to do that, he is doing God’s work.”

Michelle Collins

“I want to say congratulations to Barack Obama; let him know that we are behind you. We are praying for him, and to stay focused. I think that he has his eye on the ball in terms of what’s important, and that’s the real people that need his help, and they really do, so do what you do.”

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