Politically Speaking

Lately, I have found myself following politics more than ever.  It started in late August when Obama was in the full swing of his re-election campaign. I would watch MSNBC and other news channels just to keep up with what was happing in the race.  Now, I find myself watching just because it’s interesting.  I always knew politics effects and groves much of our lives.  Only recently, I became aware of just how far reaching politics can become.  The news is filled with discussion about immigration reform, legality of same-sex marriages, and gun reform.  The right and the left, the Republicans and the Democrats seem to be light years apart on most of these issues, and we, the American citizens are caught somewhere between the cross fire. I am watching anxiously to see how America fares my summer, until then, I am going to buckle my seatbelt because I am sure it is going to be a long and bumpy ride.


Thought for the day:

 “When outside forces effect your life, your challenge is to manage the outcomes with tolerance, diligence, and perseverance. There is always a silver lining.”

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