Turbo Tax is currently allowing all E1 through E5 Active Duty, Reservist and their immediate family members to do your taxes FREE! I only wish I knew about this last year. I always did my taxes free on base when I was active duty; however, ever since I been in the National Guard I had a tendency of going to a local tax office. BIG MISTAKE. Not saying that they did not do their job, but I lost out on a chuck of change. Just head over to Turbo Tax in the military edition section and get that extra pocket money. You deserve it for your service!

Now E-6 through E-9 and Officers can also benefit from the military edition. Turbo Tax will only charge you $24.99 to do your taxes. If you do not like to do your taxes by yourself this beats $200 plus dollars you could be spending anywhere else.

Thank you for serving!

Jonathan Tate

Jonathan Axel Tate is the Eighth District community and veterans outreach coordinator under State Rep. La Shawn Ford. Tate brings both military and civilian experience to his position, having served his...