Would you like to see an African American History Museum on the West Side that is comparable to Du Sable Museum on the South side?


Portia Donnell

“Yes, because it will give the kids something to do besides being out there in the streets.”

Manuel Lewis

“Yes, I’d like to see one on the West Side because some exhibits they could have could basically teach children culture and history and it will get them off the streets and keep them busy and not involved in gangs.”

Milton Thomas

“Yes I would because it think it will be good and beneficial for our community. I think people will support it because the West Side is rich in history. I’d like to see a lot about Dr. King because a lot of young people don’t even know who Dr. King is. I’d like to see Roy Wilkinson and a lot of people should be in there.”

Inez Washington

“Yes because I think they don’t have a lot of black history in our town, they don’t talk a lot about history, and they don’t teach it in the schools, so it will be very educational for the kids in our community. I’d like to see exhibits on Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and others.”

Carmeanna Everly

“I would. I just recently went to the DuSable Museum for the first time, and I was really moved by the exhibits there and really excited about them expanding. I would like to see one on the West Side. I’d like to see one of a modern music exhibit. I don’t know very mush about the history of hip hop or blues, and I know that all started in the African American culture, and I’d like to learn more about that.”

Kelly Moss

“I would love to see one. I love museums, and we wouldn’t have to travel so far to see history because it is dangerous traveling with your children from the West Side to the South Side. I’d like to see those shackles and things. I’d like for it to be more like a Wax Museum with characters and stuff. That would be great.”

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