We all knew USO gives out tickets to different events, but if your like me then you tend to forget. One day I get a random email from a friend, and BAM! they were giving out FREE UFC tickets! I almost jumped through the roof because I was so excited. I did not think they gave out event tickets like UFC. I decided to follow them more, and you would be so surprised by what they give out. Theater, sports, family events you name it and they give it out. They have certain rules about who is eligible for the tickets, but you can see that on the website. If you are eligible they normally give you a PAIR OF TICKETS. This means you get to bring whoever you want with you.

For more information on free tickets for vets visit: www.uso.org

Jonathan Tate

Jonathan Axel Tate is the Eighth District community and veterans outreach coordinator under State Rep. La Shawn Ford. Tate brings both military and civilian experience to his position, having served his...